Become a professional HR coach through an accredited International Coach Federation (ICF) program. Understand the people development concerns of your senior executives. Learn to effectively coach your business leaders and their employees using current neuroscience techniques. Become the HR Business Partner your company leaders need you to be!


Personal Assessments

We take inventory of your current talents and assets to establish a baseline for your specific growth-oriented plan.

Professional HR Coach Certification

We provide a sixty (60) hour program specifically designed for you, the HR professional. The program is certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and awards you the designation of Human Resource Certified Coach (HRCC).

Alumni Program

Upon graduation and certification, you become a member of an elite network of HR professional coaches, providing you with ongoing professional development.


HR Individual

As a certified HR coach, you will have the proficiency to provide ongoing and specific coaching in a supportive manner for your employee's learning, development and improvement. You will have a process aimed at delivering a positive influence to improve the behavior and/or performance of your organization's people. You will have the skills to assist your workforce and management in developing self-responsibility and the ability to take ownership for their development and decision making. Most important, you will have the skills to assist your senior leaders with an effective people development strategy.

HR Team

Having a team of certified HR coaches is a powerful asset to your leadership and the company. Empowering the HR team as professional coaches is a great way to show your senior leadership and employees that your HR team values their continuous growth and development. In addition, your HR team will be more accessible to your people than an external coach. You will be providing a strong and effective team of highly qualified coaches who will assist your company to developing a coaching culture.

HR Internal

We are ready to assist you in developing a coaching program within your organization. An internal coaching program can help management and HR to initiate people strategies and structures that grow value and deliver competitive advantage for the company. The internal coaches can be HR professionals, managers, leaders or any employee with the skills that can help others in the organization to grow. The key benefit is that no one knows your organization's culture and processes better the employees who work there!

A long history of success.

We know the challenges that you face as an HR professional, because we've been there. Our team of senior coaches has been in your shoes, which enables us to serve you better.


Now is the time to elevate your

HR Business Partner status.