Who We Are

The Leadership Science Institute, LLC (LSI) is a people development company. We started in 2009 with the idea of helping others succeed. That idea started with one coach who set out to share his executive experiences with others and guide them to success. LSI has since evolved into the "whole person" people development center we are today.

We became the first company to offer a one stop shop for people development. With the integration of skills assessments and training, blended with coaching, we can target professional and personal development needs for each individual, team, and organization.

Our #1 Job... Is Your Success

LSI offers a team of experienced career coaches. Each of our coaches has been through the coach certification process themselves to ensure they're in the perfect spot to guide you on your professional journey. We love our jobs, and our goal is for you to love yours too. 


Wayne L. Anderson, CMC

International Executive Leadership Coach & CEO

Wayne is the senior international Executive Leadership Coach and Founder of the Leadership Science Institute. He is a Certified Master Coach (CMC) and senior executive with equal blend of technical, business, managerial and public sector skills developed during experience with several "Fortune 500" companies and local municipalities. He was an adjunct professor and an elected official. He is the author of several books, a motivational speaker and U.S. Navy veteran.

Dr. Danielle Hicks

Industrial Organizational Psychologist & President

Dr. Hicks is the co-owner and President of the Leadership Science Institute.  She is an executive leadership coach.  She dedicates her time to the science of human behavior and workplace issues facing individuals, teams and organizations. She conducts research, creates curriculum and assessments, facilitates training, speaks to various audiences on workplace issues and solutions, as well as provides consulting to organizations across the globe. Danielle is a U.S. Air Force veteran.

Drs. Simon & Trish Presland

Presland Coaching Institute Instructors

Drs. Simon & Trish Presland are the founders of Presland Coaching Institute, an ICF approved coach training program. Their shared love of coaching and helping others to grow and develop, personally and professionally, form the basis of their certified coaching program.  They are life coaches with more than 15 years in the coaching and teaching arenas. They are speakers and teachers, with extensive backgrounds in the corporate, industrial, and non-profits areas. They have developed over 100 workshops, courses, and curricula.

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